Department Libraries

For inquiries, please contact the respective library directly by telephone or e-mail. Further organizational and scientific concerns can be addressed to

Library of the Department of Anthropology

approx. 15,000 items
Areas of focus: evolution, ethnology, general anthropology, paleopathology, medicine
Tel: (+43-1) 52177 239


Library of the Pathologic-Anatomic Collections in the “Narrenturm”

approx. 3,650 items
Areas of focus: medicine, history of medicine, museological aspects of medicine
Tel: (+43-1) 52177 606


Library of the Department Archive for the History of Science

approx. 600 monographs, 18 periodicals
Areas of focus: history of the Natural History Museum Vienna, history of the museum collections, history of research at the museum, biographies, travel journals, paper restoration, archival studies
Tel: (+43-1) 52177 591

Library of the Department of Botany

approx. 33,000 items
Areas of focus: flora inventories (approx. 2,000 items), general botany, classification, plant geography, travel journals
Tel: (+43-1) 52177 565

Library of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Education

approx. 3,000 items
Areas of focus: general ecology, environmental science, environmental protection
Tel: (+43-1) 5237302 106


Library of the Department of Geology and Paleontology

approx. 51,000 items
Areas of focus: paleontology, paleozoology, paleobotany, hydrogeology, geomorphology, biographies, expedition journals
Tel: (+43-1) 52177 252


Library of the Karst and Caves Working Group

approx. 20,000 items
Areas of focus: cave research, karst research, hydrology, prehistoric cave finds, travel journals, expedition reports
Tel: (+43-1) 5230418 18


Library of the Department of Mineralogy and Petrography

approx. 20,000 items
Areas of focus: mineralogy, mining and smelting, chemistry, mechanics, meteorite research, gemstone research, crystallography
Tel: (+43-1) 52177 271


Library of the Department of Prehistory

approx. 15,000 items
Areas of focus: archeology, prehistory, Paleolithic, Neolithic, Hallstatt Period, philosophy
 Tel: (+43-1) 52177 288


Main Zoological Library

approx. 7,000 items (5,500 monographs, 1,500 periodicals)
Areas of focus: general and systematic zoology, teaching and research books, ecology, faunistics, lexicons, travel journals, biographies, entomology
The Main Zoological Library also encompasses the libraries of all scientific collections of the department of zoology.
Opening hours: Monday and Friday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Tel: (+43-1) 52177 326