Department of Science Communication

As the newest department at the NHM Vienna, we have taken on a challenging task – sharing the results of the museum’s research with visitors in an exciting, understandable and diverse way while continuing to work with the general public to develop new research questions and ideas.

With a large and committed team of experts, we create a network of links between scientific work, exhibits, research, researchers, their topics, findings, and, last but not least, our audience. At the same time we also see ourselves as an interface between scientists, citizens, and decision-makers from business and politics.
Your personal input and involvement (Citizen Science and Citizen Engagement) are important to us. With your support and input, we want society and its needs to play a greater role in the world of science.
Using a variety of formats, locations, and activities, we want to inspire you, fascinate you, give you access to an extraordinary world and invite you to become part of it. We strive to reach a diverse audience in the most appealing and varied way possible and, above all, we want to be a museum open to everyone!