Audio guides

Audio guides can be rented from the info desk. These are fitted in such a way that they can be used with hearing aids. We wish you a pleasant time discovering the museum!

: € 6,- per guide

These three guided audio tours are available for you to choose from:


Top 100

100 exhibits and 100 stories invite visitors to discover thousands more!

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish



Back through time

This fascinating adventure takes you on a journey back through time. As visitors make their way around the museum, twenty witnesses and our most spectacular fossils tell visitors about the unbelievable success story of life on Earth.

Languages: German and French



Trail for blind and visually impaired visitors

(in German only)

This hands-on trail, comprising 15 free-standing exhibits from the fields of mineralogy, geology and anthropology, has been designed with blind and visually impaired visitors in mind. As well as giving visitors the chance to touch the objects, it also provides information about them and their history.
Descriptions of the individual exhibits and a map of the trail are available in braille from the information desk.

Have fun exploring!