Museum Sponsorship

The Natural History Museum Vienna is an active research institution. Our scientists study a large range of topics related to the collections in the geosciences, biological sciences, and human sciences; this includes research into, for example, meteorites and the origin of the solar system, mineralogy, geology and paleontology, zoology, botany, anthropology and prehistory/archeology.

Would you be interested in supporting the NHM Vienna and seeing your name on our Star Wall? And that is exactly the case. Sponsors not only get to read their name on the Star Wall but also help to preserve and expand the Natural History Museum.

With a donation starting from just € 100 a year (larger donations are, of course, welcome) you can become a sponsor of the NHM Vienna.

You will receive:
  • Our monthly program with information on events at the museum
  • Exclusive invitations for you (and one other person) to all our exhibition openings. Enjoy the privilege of being among the first guests to see the latest exhibitions at the NHM.
  • Exclusive invitations to our annual Sponsors’ Day! Special guided tours give you the chance to learn more about “your” museum.
    Would you like to support the Natural History Museum Vienna by becoming a sponsor?
    We will be happy to provide you with more details. 
The NHM Vienna Sponsorship Team,

Hotline: +43 664 62 16 113