Restoration workshop

The Department of Prehistory is home to one of the best-equipped restoration workshops in Austria. From vacuum drying cupboards to sandblasting equipment and extraction systems, it has everything needed to look after the precious collection and display pieces.

Several members of staff at the Department of Prehistory are responsible for preserving and reconstructing irreplaceable objects from the past.
One main area of focus is the restoration of objects from archaeological excavations. This includes ceramics from the Hallstatt burial site, the settlement and shrines at Roseldorf, several sites in Brunn am Gebirge and ivory finds from the hunter-and-gatherer campsite at Grub/Kranawetberg. Particularly difficult objects found during the excavations carried out by the Department of Prehistory are recovered in person by staff from the restoration workshop.
The duties of the restorers also include looking after objects on display in the permanent exhibition and the renowned temporary exhibitions shown at the Natural History Museum. They also look after items loaned by the Natural History Museum to other museums or exhibitions.