Central Research Laboratories

Haring Elisabeth / Head of department
Kruckenhauser Luise / Head of the DNA Laboratory / Curator of the DNA- and tissue collection / Staff scientist
Wegner Wencke / Operator for microanalysis
Winkler Viola / operator microCT
Sittenthaler Marcia / Laboratory manager
Wanka Alexandra Julia / Laboratory manager
Szucsich Nikolaus / ABOL-manager
Kapun Martin / Bioinformatician
Sonnleitner Michaela / project employee "ABOL"
Duda Michael / Project researcher
Fischer Iris / Laboratory manager
Kargl Victoria / Project researcher ABOL reference data & BioBlitz coordination
Kirchner Sandra / Poject researcher for TETTRIs, Laboratory manager
Macek Oliver / Manager DNA & tissue collection, Collection Assistant (Myriapoda)
Reier Susanne / Project researcher
Chen Rui Qiang / Project researcher BMK ABOL C321068
Ackerl Florian / Project researcher ABOL III
Schwarz Sandrina / Project researcher "biTEM"
Heinzl Janine / Project researcher
Fial Nathalie / project researcher RefDat (ABOL Austrian Barcode of Life)
Löwenstein Augustina / project researcher Gemona (ABOL Austrian Barcode of Life)

Associated Scientists

De Mattia Willy / Project researcher
Leeb Christoph / Project researcher