Geological phenomena, witnesses and records of Earth’s history, dinosaurs, sparkling gem stones, human evolution, and our cultural past the museum offers a wide range of exciting topics that our educators/facilitators communicate to the public.

With our wide range of educational offerings for all age groups, we want to appeal to as broad an audience as possible. This starts with the youngest, who can discover nature through play in age-appropriate programs from the age of 3. School classes of all levels and types are welcome to choose from a variety of guided tours on zoology, ecology, earth sciences, anthropology, prehistory, or mineralogy.

Our educational programs offer a range of opportunities to view topics and objects from a variety of perspectives with expert guidance. Becoming active yourself and learning through research is a major objective for us.

Barriers between researchers, mediators, and visitors should be broken down as far as possible, so that everyone has access to knowledge and research. We hope to inspire the next generation for nature and research.

Guided tours & activites