Austrian Type Catalogue

The OeTyp-Project is a joint effort the Natural History Museum Vienna, the Austrian Academy of Sciences and all Austrian institutions with palaeontological collections.

The intention of this project is the registration of palaeontological types, figured specimens, and reference material in Austrian collections. An online database ensures the availability of these data for a wide public.



  • Head of the OeTyp-Project:
    Dr. Andreas Kroh (Natural History Museum Vienna, Department of Geology & Palaeontology)
  • Head of the Commission for the Palaeontological and Stratigraphical Research of Austria:
    Dr. Werner E. Piller (Karl-Franzens University Graz, Institute of Earth Sciences)


Currently the database contains more than 74,000 animal and plant fossils. Regular updates are provided as further published fossil material is included. The data is collected directly from the original specimens in the collections and cross-checked with published records. This practice guarantees that no “ghost” records are created. The database's intention is to offer quick access to basic information about the scientifically most important palaeontological specimens. An online interface makes these data available to the international scientific community.
Search in the database


The database structure of the internet version comprises the following fields:

  • generic name including subgenus
  • species name including subspecies
  • author(s) of the species name
  • status of the type (see below)
  • collection file number
  • reference
  • illustrations
  • institution housing the specimens

ontact the collection curators at the according institutions for additional information and access to the specimens if necessaryn institution for additional information and access to the specimens if necessary.


Abbreviations for type status:

(use these abbreviations for the search run)

  • holotype - H
  • paratype - PT
  • lectotype - L
  • paralectotype - PL
  • syntype - S
  • neotype - N
  • figured specimen - AO
  • reference material - BM